9 Bathroom Renovation Tips

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The design of the bathroom before the renovation should be done so as to serve all your needs, physical and mental. In the continuation of the article you will find some tips that will help you in your choices before you start the bathroom renovation.

1. Choose sleek lines

A washbasin furniture with cute lines is more attractive than a one-piece closet, which looks more like a box. A classic bathtub with legs is like a sculpture in your bathroom. Even the embossed borders on the rim of the bathtub add an inherent beauty that goes beyond what you have used so far.

2. Sit in the bathtub before buying

The bigger is not always the best. A 150 cm bathtub is considered large enough for most people. It has enough space to stretch and provides safety when you fill it with water. Calculate the space behind and the rim of the head for comfort and proper neck and head support. Place the faucet in the middle of the bathtub. If space is only available for a small bathtub, then be sure to choose one that is deep enough.

3. Choose a durable floor

Ceramic tiles, marble or stone, are quite durable options for the bathroom. Underfloor heating pipes will make these hard surfaces friendly and warm. Still, wood flooring offers natural warmth and adds a layer of separation between you and other hard, cold surfaces such as cement or old tiles.

4. Hang a stylish mirror

A nicely framed mirror above the sink is more attractive than a production mirror. Additionally, add a small movable mirror with a folding arm that helps with makeup details and shaving for men. Also, consider adding a self-illuminating mirror to the shower area.

5. Take advantage of intermediate spaces

Take advantage of the spaces between wall supports and recesses. Install high storage cabinets in these areas to maximize vertical storage while saving floor space. The cabinet should have an internal depth of at least 20 cm and the cabinet door when opening should become one with the wall or the support column.

6. Make a shower area

Consider building an open shower area that will not need a curtain or door. This type of shower, although quite unconventional for the Greek reality, is less restrictive than a standard shower cabin and ensures comfort. Also, the rain-hung shower or the high-mounted shower ensures clean splash-free surfaces.

7. Lighting design that works

Good bathroom lighting is a priority. Choose halogen lights on wall sconces next to or above the mirror for shadow-free lighting. Another element that helps is the installation of dimmers. You can read more about bathroom lighting in the relevant article “How to Light Your Bathroom Properly”.

8. Buy a quality basin

When buying a basin, you do not have to spend a lot of money, but you do not want to resort to very economical solutions. You can get a quality product for about 250 euros. Models with elongated bowls are usually more comfortable.

9. Add luxury to the bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space in the bathroom, do something for yourself. Consider adding a spa tub and divider that will act as a changing room dressing room. Equip the bathroom with TV, fireplace and exercise equipment. You can also add a large, comfortable armchair with a thick white cloth upholstery.